Saturday, 7 December 2013

My new backyard

Welcome to the life less ordinary...

Something hit me one day, as i reflected out of my bedroom window and into the midst of my fabulous tree lined street situated in Melbourne's inner Southern suburbs that i couldn't quite put my finger on -   
I felt restless, uneasy, exhausted by the routine that had become my lifestyle.
I knew that mentioning such attitudes to my girlfriends (as a female would with any other of life's predicaments) would just seem down right strange..after all, each of us lived, breathed and socialised in the same social circles, living within a 5km radius from one another, and rarely crossed over the bridge from where we lived to neighbouring suburbs. 
So why would i question my lifestyle; perhaps the notion of living a "ground hog day" started to overwhelm me, or perhaps it was a growing unwillingness to queue up for forty-five minutes for my eggs and coffee every Saturday morning whilst watching the beautiful people pose in their designer "active" gear started to take it's toll - 
Either way, one funny Friday over a glass of wine with a friend i broke the news that i was moving.
Yes; leaving what i'd began to know and not love, for a life a little less ordinary.
My destination; the sunny untouched town in Melbourne, Victoria's Surf Coast...Jan Juc to be precise.

I have started this blog to comment on life living on the Australian surf coast , and potentially inspire people to take the plunge like i did from the big smoke and live a life less ordinary
These are my stories, my neighbours, my new backyard captured in all of it's beauty, simplicity and quirkiness.

I hope you enjoy my journey.